“We’re Just Scratching the Surface of Crypto and AI,” Says Microsoft Exec

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Microsoft sees artificial intelligence as a key technology of today and is actively investing in its development.
At the same time, the Seattle-based tech giant is not ignoring cryptocurrencies and is exploring the possibility of combining blockchain and artificial intelligence.

At the recent Cornell Blockchain Conference in New York, York Rhodes, Microsoft’s director of digital transformation, blockchain, and cloud supply chain, was asked about the company’s view on the potential collaboration of these two technologies.

“I believe that as these two technologies evolve, it will be possible to create agents that combine the capabilities of both. We are just at the beginning of the journey,” he said.

During the panel discussion titled “Cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence,” moderator Alex Lin, co-founder and general partner of Reforge, clarified Rhodes’ point by asking: “Will Microsoft ever have its own blockchain?”

Rhodes replied that “there are already a lot of interesting things happening in the cryptocurrency space,” particularly within open source communities, so “why would we try to recreate something that has already had so much effort put into it?”

For now, Microsoft is more focused on optimizing existing technologies, such as second-tier blockchain roles. Rhodes added: “But will we [Microsoft] ever build an L1 blockchain? I think not.”

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