Trezor and Wasabi name launch date for bitcoin mixer for hardware wallets

The Wasabi and Trezor project teams are developing a protocol to anonymise hardware wallets amid government scrutiny of cryptocurrencies.

Wasabi announced that it has begun working with Trezor to create the CoinJoin protocol, which will randomly group bitcoin transactions from hardware wallets to hide the source of funds.

Wasabi Wallet representatives clarified that by using the new app, Trezor Suite users will be able to make anonymous bitcoin transactions:

“You will be able to integrate the CoinJoin protocol into your hardware wallet and Trezor Suite app.”

Karo Zagorus, head of public relations and reputation at zkSNACKs (the developer of the Wasabi Wallet software), added that talks about the partnership began back in 2019 and the result is a “phenomenal achievement”.

The partners believe that as government surveillance increases, financial transactions in the future could increasingly be used by officials to spy on citizens.

Cryptocurrency privacy is therefore more important now than ever before. The companies, their representatives assure us, are committed to making bitcoin more private. They believe that, contrary to popular belief, bitcoin is not inherently anonymous and can easily be traced.

In June, the Dutch Financial Police’s (FIOD) economic crime unit (FACT) launched an investigation into the Tornado Cash mixer. Tornado Cash developer Alexander Pertsev was arrested on suspicion of money laundering through the mixer. According to the latest reports, Pertsev will spend three months in jail, at which time his initial court hearing is due to take place.

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