The first BTC satellite node was installed in Brazil

According to Alessandro Cecere, product manager at Ledn in Brazil, he was able to install the first full Bitcoin satellite node. The satellite node that Cecere created loads the Bitcoin blockchain from the Blockstream satellite network. This experiment proves that even if one is in a hard-to-reach area, it is possible to launch nodes.

What is a Bitcoin Node

It is software that tracks the blockchain and its transaction history. The full node prevents and prohibits illegal transactions and prevents attempts to spend Bitcoins twice, known as “double spending. Cecere explains that the nodes “give their owners decentralized access to the only known network without censorship.”

Until 2020, the Bitcoin node setup depended entirely on Internet service providers. After Blockstream’s satellite network was upgraded, Bitcoin users will now be able to download the full node without having to connect to a local ISP.

Why the launch of a full BTC node is important

According to Cecere himself, the first satellite node will further decentralize the Bitcoin network. Also with the help of several autonomous access points it will become possible to connect users who do not have access to the networks of Internet providers. This is especially important for those countries where Internet-related infrastructure is underdeveloped, where network connectivity is extremely unstable.

Thus, a full satellite node (noda) helps a large number of developing countries and users in them, where the Internet is absent or underdeveloped, to participate in the development of the entire Bitcoin network. Recall that in Venezuela, a Bitcoin satellite node was installed in 2020. Venezuela is trying to use cryptocurrencies to protect itself from galloping inflation,

In the future, Blockstream plans to introduce an even more modernized version of the satellite equipment. It will be able to connect to Bitcoin nodes in regions where Internet access is almost completely absent or the connection is extremely weak. Companies engaged in mining cryptocurrencies in remote locations will also be able to connect to the Bitcoin network, and do their work. All that remains is to wait for the updated version of the satellite equipment from Blockstream.


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