The commission for the first NFT after the Etherium Merger is $60,200

It became known that the very first non-exchangeable token (NFT) minted after The Merge of the Etherium (ETH) networks cost its creator a great deal. He paid $60,200 in transaction fees.

The Ethereum merge took place at 9:44 a.m. on September 15, 2022. Seventeen seconds later, the first NFT on the new network was generated. Its creator paid a commission of 36.8 ETH. The new piece of virtual art was named transition. It depicts the Ethereum panda mascot and became part of a collection of 100 tokens on the NFT OpenSea trading platform.

A link to the transaction, which shows key details related to Ethereum, including the level of difficulty at the time of generation and the time stamp.

The author of NFT also created a Twitter account, The Transition. He stated: the token was minted to commemorate a new era in the Etherium network. NFT is already up for sale. Users began to say that this collection, as well as its main virtual item, has already made history. They recalled: the panda mascot first appeared as a non-interchangeable token back in 2019 (PandETH), but the current case is special.

Users began guessing how much this virtual asset would be worth in a month, a year, or five years from now. Many agreed: this NFT will definitely grow in value in the future, as it represents real value.

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