Solana will work with Ripple to combat negative climate change

U.S. blockchain technology company Ripple has partnered with the Solana Foundation to promote cryptocurrency initiatives aimed at combating harmful changes in the global climate. As a result, the Blockchain X Climate Leadership Network was formed.

The emergence of this project marked the beginning of a joint effort by Ripple and the Solana Foundation to promote blockchain initiatives to address climate change. It was announced by representatives of the two companies at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In turn, strategic advisor of Blockchain X Climate Leadership Network Daniel Hwang noted: cryptocurrency companies should bring practical benefits to society, and not just focus on speculative and investment activities. According to the expert, the team behind the project has held workshops in different countries over the past few years to familiarize people with their concept in detail.

Meanwhile, the global community is developing approaches that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Many initiative groups emphasize that blockchain technology can play an important role in this direction. Solana and Ripple have repeatedly confirmed their goals in supporting such initiatives. Last year, Solana said it would fund projects to eliminate refrigerants and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Ripple, for its part, has repeatedly affirmed its commitment to a low-carbon future. To this end, the company has even signed a pledge to protect the environment. Two years ago, the corporation announced a goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030.

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