Poll: 64% of US residents welcome cryptocurrency education in schools

A survey found that a majority of U.S. residents familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a positive attitude toward teaching children in schools the basics of digital assets.

The survey included 884 U.S. residents with children and 210 U.S. college graduates. According to the results, 64% of U.S. residents with children familiar with cryptocurrencies would like to teach them the basics of digital assets.

Among college graduates, the figure is even higher at 67%. The attitude to teaching blockchain, NFT and meta-universes is slightly less positive – only 40% of respondents suggest teaching blockchain and 35% suggest teaching meta-universes. At the same time, Americans don’t mind paying for their children’s cryptocurrency education, even if it costs more than $1,000.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, about 88% of Americans have at least heard of cryptocurrencies, and 16% have invested and traded in digital assets.

Irina Dudak

News correspondent of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.
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