Pavel Durov will consider TON as a blockchain for Web3

Telegram founder Pavel Durov intends to integrate Web3 infrastructure into the messenger in the coming weeks and will consider TON as the base blockchain for the future marketplace.

Durov said he was encouraged by the success of an auction recently held by TON, where domain names and “.ton” wallets were offered to buyers. Wallet.ton, for example, sold for about $260,000 and casino.ton for about $244,000.

“If TON was able to achieve these results, imagine how successful Telegram could be with its 700 million users if we auctioned off reserved usernames, groups, and channel links. In addition to millions of memorable addresses like @storm or @royal, all four-letter usernames could be available for sale (@bank, @club, @game, @gift, etc.),” Durov said.

He added that in the new marketplace, name holders could sell their names using smart contracts. Over time, other messenger content, including channels, stickers or emoticons, could also become part of this marketplace.

“When it comes to scalability and speed, TON probably has the best technology for conducting these decentralized sales. Our team can write bulletproof smart contracts for TON, since we are the ones who invented its smart contract language. So we are inclined to try TON as the base blockchain for our future market,” said Durov.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that he would redesign the Horizon Worlds metaworld after criticism of the quality of the graphics. However, the investment firm Galaxy Digital, after examining the policies of the meta-universes on the market, said that no company creating virtual worlds guarantees protection of gaming property rights.

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