NFT-collection dedicated to Formula 1 races is announced

The founders of Formula One royal racing have planned to release their own series of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) dedicated to motor racing.

The digital collection will be released on the eve of the F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas (USA). The event will take place in November 2023.

F1 executives have applied for registration of several trademarks related to NFT and cryptocurrency. According to the official data, the developers will offer fans all sorts of virtual items, including sports equipment, clothing items, headphones, lanyards, souvenirs, key chains, other jewelry and accessories. In addition, a new platform will be released where users can interact with each other by exchanging digital items, buying and selling them.

Competition organizers said that they have planned a unique street race in Las Vegas. The event will take place in the city center. A small segment will be re-equipped specifically for the competition on the F1 cars. The streets will be flooded with neon lights, and the racers will be able to view hotels, casinos, restaurants and many other local attractions. It was stated that the athletes are looking forward to the event, as it will be different from the usual race weekends.

A few months ago it became known that the executives of Formula One have purchased a 39-acre site in the center of Sin City to build a specialized complex of boxes and paddocks there.

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