New York Yankees will allow employees to convert part of their salaries into Bitcoins

NYDIG, a leading Bitcoin company, today announced a multi-year partnership with the New York Yankees.

The company will become the official Bitcoin payroll platform. The deal combines the world’s most iconic sports franchise with the most trusted name in Bitcoin, offering Yankees employees access to NYDIG’s Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP).

The BSP is a workplace benefit that allows employees to convert a portion of their paycheck into Bitcoins through the NYDIG platform. Under NYDIG’s Bitcoin savings plan, offered by a participating employer, employees pay no transaction fees or charges to securely store the cryptocurrency. Today, dozens of leading companies in a wide variety of industries offer the benefits of a Bitcoin Savings Plan to attract and retain top talent.

A NYDIG study shows that 36% of employees under 30 said they would be interested in earmarking a portion of their paycheck for Bitcoin. Nearly one in three of those employees said that when choosing between two similar jobs with different employers, they would choose an employer that would help them get paid in cryptocurrency.

NYDIG’s Bitcoin platform is built to the highest regulatory, operational and management standards. It is used by companies and institutions of all sizes, from small businesses to the Fortune 500.

“We are proud to partner with our hometown team and iconic Yankees sports franchise to accomplish our mission of bringing Bitcoin to everyone,” said Kelly Brewster, director of marketing for NYDIG.

“NYDIG is committed to helping our clients realize the full potential of Bitcoins by providing the services and standards that have made our name synonymous with trust. A savings plan can be one of the most effective ways to save ericit currency, and dollar-cost averaging can smooth out the bumps along the way. We thank Yankees for understanding the competitive opportunities and the value of providing cryptocurrency options for their organization.”

Yankees vice president of human resources and labor law said:

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to expand and improve our employee experience.”

“NYDIG has made it easy to add Bitcoins to our list of benefits, and we look forward to using the NYDIG platform to offer this opportunity to our employees.”


NYDIG is a Bitcoin company supporting a more inclusive economic system. Providing technology and financial services to businesses in a wide range of industries, the Bitcoin platform is built to the highest standards of security, regulation and operation. NYDIG is the gateway to a new era of financial products that make the first cryptocurrency more accessible to all.


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