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How to create a crypto wallet on Android

Before using the storage it must be generated (registered). Creation of decentralized non-custodial wallet is performed by the following algorithm (by the example of Android application MetaMask):

  1. Launch Google Play on your smartphone
  2. Enter MetaMask in the search field
  3. Click “Search”
  4. Open the official MetaMask application page, developed by ConsenSys (10 million downloads, 4.4 stars)
  5. Click on “Install”
  6. Click “Open” after downloading the software
  7. Click on “Get Started” in the launched application
  8. Click “Create a new Wallet”
  9. Read the terms and conditions of the software and tap “No, thank you” or “I agree”
  10. Think of an access code and enter it twice
  11. Enable crypto-purse unlock via biometrics (available only if your smartphone is equipped with smartphone sensors)
  12. Check the box “I understand that MetaMask cannot recover this password for me” and click “Create password”
  13. Click on “Begin”
  14. Read the instructions on the recovery passphrase and click “Begin”
  15. Go through the authorization process
  16. Click on “View” in the window with the seed phrase
  17. Write down the 12-word mnemonic on paper or physical digital media without an Internet connection
  18. Click on “Continue”
  19. Enter the seed phrase to confirm and click on “Full backup”
  20. Click “Finish”
  21. After the twentieth step, the interface of the MetaMask cryptocurrency store will load. No other actions are necessary. MetaMask functions will be available immediately after creating a wallet.

You can register a centralized custodian storage as follows (using CoinPayments Android example):

  1. Launch the Google Play store
  2. Find CoinPayments in the search box
  3. Go to the page of the official program CoinPayments from the cryptocurrency corporation CoinPayments Inc
  4. Click on “Install.”
  5. Click on “Open” at the end of the software download
  6. Click “Register” in the open application
  7. Come up with and enter a username
  8. Set up an email address
  9. Write and enter the access code
  10. Re-specify the password to confirm
  11. Tick “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and …”
  12. Check the box next to “I agree to receive emails from CoinPayments Inc., Hodltech OU and …”
  13. Click “Create Account.”
  14. Set the PIN to authorize in the mobile app
  15. Re-enter the PIN to confirm
  16. After the fifteenth step, the mobile crypto wallet interface will load. But before using the vault, you will need to go through verification. Notification with the requirement will appear at the top of the starting interface of the program. At the same time, you can only verify your identity in the browser version of CoinPayments wallet.

Verification in CoinPayments Wallet is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Open a browser through a computer or laptop
  2. Go to CoinPayments website
  3. Click “Login” in the service’s header (if you have a created account)
  4. Authorize in the cryptocurrency wallet
  5. Enter two-factor authentication code (set automatically during registration), which was received to the attached email
  6. Click on “Login”
  7. Check the box in front of “I consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy” on the page you have uploaded
  8. Click on “Next Step”
  9. Specify the country of issue and type of ID (passport, driver’s license, ID card or residence permit)
  10. Upload a self photo with the selected certificate
  11. Click on “Next step”
  12. Confirm residence address
  13. Follow the remaining cryptocurrency wallet instructions

Once the algorithm is completed, the uploaded documents will be sent for moderation. After processing, CoinPayments agents will decide on verification. Usually the moderation process takes 1-2 days.


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