Experts named key events that will affect the crypto market

Last year was a really difficult year for the cryptocurrency industry, with most of the digital assets having a big drop in value.

Many experts are animatedly discussing the future prospects of this sector and they highlight several factors that will have a significant impact in this regard.

According to experts, the recent collapse of crypto platform FTX will have far-reaching consequences for the entire sector. The bankruptcy of such a major player has shaken investor confidence in the industry. At the very least, it is already safe to say that holders do not particularly trust centralized platforms and prefer to keep their assets on their own.

Nor can we ignore the actions of regulators and lawmakers, who have been alarmed by the market events caused by the collapse of the FTX platform. Many officials are calling for stricter regulation of the digital asset sector, citing consumer protection.

However, it must be recognized that there is still a lack of clarity in this regard. Moreover, there is disagreement about how cryptocurrencies should be classified from a legal point of view.

Experts stressed: supporters of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of last year were confident that this asset class would be a reliable tool for risk diversification in crisis conditions. However, this did not happen, as digital currencies themselves also faced clear pressure amid the sagging global market for high-risk assets. Therefore, it should be clearly understood that the macroeconomic environment will play a crucial role in the dynamics of this sector.

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