Ether (ETH) fell again by 6% for the day

On September 22, 2022, the value of the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) plummeted nearly 6% in 24 hours. The virtual asset was available for purchase at an average price of $1259.77, down 5.95% from a day ago. The total losses of the rate for the week exceeded 21.8%, and the capitalization of the digital coin came close to the value of $150 billion, stopping at $154.52 billion. The volume of transactions for the day – $21.89 billion.

As for the flagship virtual currency bitcoin (BTC), its value also fell, but not so much. Digital gold was trading at $18,680, losing 1.84% from yesterday’s values. The total supply of coins circulating on the market amounted to $358.54 billion. Sector participants secured $49.65 billion worth of trades during that period of time.

Only Ripple (XRP) managed to rise in price among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by maximum capitalization. The rate of the digital currency, contrary to the movement of the global market, rose by 3.21 percent over the past day and stopped at $0.42.

The cryptocurrency increased in value a quarter in the past seven days. Its capitalization reached $21.09 billion, which allowed it to rise to the 6th position in the ranking of the best, ahead of Binance USD (BUSD). Trade volumes with the virtual asset amounted to $3.6 billion in a day.

Irina Dudak

News correspondent of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.
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