Charles Hoskinson: “NFTs are not just art.”

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said that NFT is more than art.

The entrepreneur said this at the Crypto Summit 2023 event in Switzerland. According to the specialist, non-interchangeable tokens can be anything: objects, transactions, organizations and events.

Notably, Hoskinson said this in the context of promoting the concept of RealFi, which he often mentions as the next step in the development of the DeFi industry. In his YouTube podcast, the expert noted that with RealFi, users get identity, metadata and structural management and certification methods.

Many crypto-enthusiasts have noticed that Charles Hoskinson has recently become more outspoken about the non-interchangeable token sector. In particular, the Cardano founder has expressed his concerns about the lack of clarity regarding the rights of NFT holders.

The Cardano NFT ecosystem continues to actively attract a target audience. According to experts, some Cardano Ape tokens sell for the same price as the world-famous Bored Apes.

We previously wrote that: Solana and Ripple announced a strategic partnership. Now the companies will jointly promote technological concepts aimed at combating negative changes in the global climate. Representatives of the corporation announced this at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Irina Dudak

News correspondent of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.

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