Analysts assure in the stability of the Polkadot ecosystem

Digital currency analysts told us that despite a global market decline of 14% in the last week as of August 22, 2022, the Polkadot ecosystem has proven to be quite robust. Some crypto startups made profits for their investors, contrary to the bearish sentiment of bidders. Experts stressed: even problems with aUSD stabelcoin in the Acala network did not scare off users and did not reduce the level of trust in the network.

Crypto experts told about the most successful startups of the last week from August 16 to 22. Experts noted: parachain KILT Protocol (KILT) turned out to be very stable and gave good profit to its short-term investors. Analysts assured that despite extremely low daily trading volumes and the product’s low liquidity, it was worth paying attention to. The KILT token gained 23.9% over the past week, reaching a price target of $0.613.

Another project of the Energy Web Token (EWT) ecosystem was also noted. This cryptocurrency, associated with the industry of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) and the meta-universe, managed to please its depositors with a yield of 10.34% over the past seven days. The virtual asset was trading at $4.48 at the time of writing the news.

Analysts stressed: the value of virtual currency Centrifuge (CFG) has been growing steadily for the third week in a row. This digital token was trading at $0.378, which is 2.33% more expensive than similar values a week ago.

Earlier editorial reported: Astar Network signed a partnership agreement with the Acala project. Within its framework programmers of both companies will create new products and services, which are designed to significantly expand the range of opportunities in the decentralized finance industry (DeFi) of the native Polkadot network.

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